Cornerstone Park Realty Strata Management Rental Services

Cornerstone Park Realty Strata Rental Management Services

For more than two decades, we’ve been helping properties operate at their best. Whether it’s for strata-titled residential properties, non-profit residences, residential rental units or commercial properties, we deliver personalized management and profound insight.

Rental Management Services Cornerstone Park Realty Strata Management Offers

With our dedicated team and innovative systems, we deliver strata management that is knowledgeable, accessible and cost-effective.

Our property managers are committed to providing proactive service, so they visit their properties frequently. This insight brings timely service and expertise when you need it — before decisions are made, not after.

We provide exceptional management services across a range of properties.

Our expertise includes a residential focus on strata-titled properties, non-profits and rental building management. We are also licensed and trained to work with all aspects of commercial property management, bringing strategic partnerships and advanced systems to every client.

Strata Rental Management Services

Rental Services

  • Managing The Rental Property And Tenant
  • Marketing And Advertising Your Property
  • Showing The Rental Property To Prospective Tenants
  • Screening And Placing The Tenant
  • Preparing The Rental Lease And Collecting Security Deposit and Form K
  • Collect And Depositing Monthly Rent
  • Pay Approved Expenses On Owner's Behalf